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- Click on picture for enlarged view -        Photo's @ An Cruiscin Lan are taken by artist JohnnyAdams.tv


Kevin looked surprised: Why do you want a picture of me?

Brian @ the Drums, as a "stand in" for tonight.

Angela enjoying a night in Ireland

An Cruiscin Lan

This is how the photographer saw Dan after a couple of Guinness.

An artist impression.....

Mandy from a different view.

The Venue An Cruiscin Lan after they have taken down "The Wall"

The Dan Clan full speed ahead !!

Why do they always put Mandy in the middle?

Dan lookimg surprised......

Another swirl by Johnny Adams.

Look at that !!

A Hen Party before she took off to Las Vegas for her wedding.

One of the fans dancing the night away.

Mandy from a different view

They also have a horn section.

Here we have Kevin smiling for the camera.

Look at the sticks of Paul, moving fast.

This time it's Mike in the spotlights.

A big hugg the night before her wedding.

Two cute girls.

more pictures.............

Thanks Johnny for taking those pictures and turning them into paintings.
If you are interested in Johnny's work, you can visit his website at www.johnnyadams.tv